Baby’s First Toothbrush To Take Care Of Your Little’s Teeth

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Baby’s First Toothbrush

When the baby’s faces are filled with laughter, our mind becomes full of happy and the baby’s smiling teeth are the symbol of that soft smile. The small tooth that gets up early is called milk teeth or deciduous teeth and so that we need to buy baby’s first toothbrush to take care of them. Many people think that this tooth is not permanent anymore. But this idea is not true at all. Because these milk teeth are the symbol of the baby’s well-being for the first few years. If the deciduous teeth is not taken care it will easily fall off or become damaged. The child will not be able to speak properly and it will be very difficult to eat anything.

Take your baby into the habit of brush regularly and in bath time they should simply index their finger rub it softly over their gums.  There are lots of questions in the mind of parents about their baby’s first toothbrush; some parents think it is not much important because it is their milk teeth, but actually they are totally wrong.

Time to start baby’s first toothbrush:


The brushing of the tooth should begin as soon as the baby’s first tooth pokes through the gums. Start cleaning baby’s mouth with clean, washcloths after eating any foods. It is true that there are no exact times to brush. Most babies develop their teeth between six months to one year and it comes in almost lower front teeth. Children have their all teeth at the age of three years. For your baby’s first toothbrush buy soft, three rows spines and that is a proper baby toothbrush. Do not use the brush that is more than 4 months old because it may build up mouth bacteria and throw away the rough and edges baby’s first toothbrush and should brush them twice the time for a day.

You should teach your baby to brush:

Your baby may be trying to brushing himself/ herself; so don’t stop him or her you should let them do it. But before sleeping you should clean their mouth using your own finger. Always encourage your baby about dental care. There are some tips that must work for your baby’s teeth.

  • Brush your baby’s teeth in a small circle cover the entire surface and encourage your child to use toothpaste with the brush.
  • Always use tiny smear toothpaste for your baby’s teeth.
  • Supervise when your baby brushing and make sure that the perfect amount of toothpaste have in the brush and also notice that they are not licking or eating the toothpaste. 
  • Most children don’t like to have their teeth brushing, so parents face many problems to do it. Babies love to copy of others, so make a funny game, brush your own teeth so that your baby also copy it.
  • The easiest path to brush your baby’s teeth is to sit her/him on your knee and her/him head must rest on your chest so that you can easily brush her/him.
  • When you start brushing of your baby’s teeth you must do it slowly and gradually.
  • Take your baby to the dentist if the dental problem is serious; don’t avoid it.

Some tips if your baby doesn’t want to brush:

Every baby does not love to brush their teeth regularly. In the morning time, they crying, playing and avoiding the toothbrush. Besides, the child hates the toothpaste because of its taste.  Here are some tips for parents who are facing many problems every day:

  • Children are loved to imitate of others if the parents brushing in front of them then they probably take it in a funny mode and they want to do it.
  • During brushing time if your baby does not want to take brush then do not force with him\her rather you should try other way like play with your baby (may try mirror and mirror game, imitate game).
  • Without forcing the parents should brushing their baby’ teeth softly and patiently because their gums are so sensitive.
  • Buy an eye-catching toothbrush for your baby and replace it for every three months. Colorful and new brushes attract the child and they also love colorful and new things.
  • Children love music, so play the tooth and brushing related tunes that make the environment funny.
  • Buy suitable and tasty toothpaste that your child loves. Avoid spicy, salty and rough tasty toothpaste. Rather buy sweet flavor toothpaste but one thing you always notice that your child not to eat the paste.  

Selecting the baby’s first toothbrush:

Many parents are now connected with many oral care centers for their little baby. But it is important to take care of their dental at home. When your baby takes birth it is important to take care of their mouth at the age of 3 months with soft washcloths. There are some important facts of selecting baby’s first toothbrush:

  • Finger brushes and teething toothbrushes help to clean your baby’s teeth and give the safety of gums. Parents can keep this toothbrush into the refrigerator for adding relief.
  • Should choose the perfect toothbrush that has easy holding handle, so that babies can easily grab the handle not slipping grip.
  • When you go to the market to buy a toothbrush for your child then you must follow the shape and size of the toothbrush. If you buy big and simple design and fade color then you may have a problem, because your baby won’t like this toothbrush and also don’t able to hold it properly.
  • Electronic toothbrushes are a very funny thing to the child. These toothbrushes encourage your baby to brush every day.


Healthy teeth are important for our baby’s health because teeth help them to eat properly and talks properly. Healthy teeth also affect the jaws and it’s growing. The strong dental care also makes good habits but weak dental care lead disease, infection and other teeth problems. Hope this content will help the parents of the newborn baby.


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