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Erasers are as crucial as the graphite’s for all the artists. Especially for those who have just started drawing? It is because, as a beginner, anyone can make a lot of mistakes. Not only beginners but the experienced artists also make huge mistakes or want to make some changes in their pencil drawing. 

For this, they have to use an eraser. That’s why we considered erasers as crucial as pencils. Now the thing is that any artist will not compromise with their drawing by using low-quality erasers. It is because the cheap quality eraser can tear the drawing sheet or damage by leaving traces.

Hence, it becomes a difficult task to give grades to some erasers as one of the best erasers for drawing.  But especially for our readers, we had to make this task easier. For this, you have to stay here for a few minutes and continue reading. 

Some critical factors to consider in the best erasers for drawing:

Graphite pencils v/s color pencil:

Both pencils are used by artists to make drawings of their imaginations. By nature, these both are opposite to each other. Graphite’s are used by standard drawing or for regular writing tasks. These graphite’s pencils consume carbon that is hard and black colored. 

On the other hand, the color drawing pencils are made with wax, oil, and other natural resins to draw marks on the paper. As these both are opposite, so it will require using different erasers to remove them. The erasers which contain silica grit and rubber are useful to remove colored pencils.

On th必利勁 e other hand, the best erasers for drawing with graphite pencils are those erasers that are made of vinyl, gum, kneaded, rubber, and PVC.  To explore the different types of erasers read below. 


It is also known as plastic erasers and able to remove the most profound strokes of the graphite. The vinyl erasers are too useful to remove ink marks. This one is perfect for beginners who make a lot of mistakes. But make sure that your paper is thicker enough.

It is because the vinyl erasers can tear the thinner paper if you rub it forcefully on to the sheet.


Gum erasers are also widely used by the experienced artist. It is because the gum feature is capable of absorbing the carbon elements of the graphite and removing it quickly. It is highly recommended not to use it if you are a beginner or don’t know the actual process of using gum erasers. It is because a bit of a gum eraser can fall off on the sheet and latch onto the graphite marks. You will have to clean it by hand in a proper manner. Otherwise, it will spoil your drawing.


One of the best drawing tools can be found in all the art studios. The kneaded erasers are one of the best erasers for drawing and primarily used for Charcoal applications. The kneaded erasers come in different shapes, and it is also good to remove color pencil marks. Although there is no side effect of using kneaded erasers and it can work versatile and can provide a significant impact to your graphite’s. 


Rubber erasers are the traditional ones. These erasers have remained on-air since our childhood. You also must likely have used the pink erasers in your school life. Hence these erasers are useful to remove graphite pencils, but the world knows that it leaves stains onto the sheet if it gets dirtier. The rubber erasers are a mixture of vinyl and gum erasers. Most users or even we have experienced crumbling and peeling while using these rubber erasers. These erasers are widely used and one of the best erasers for school


These erasers are relatively new to the artist’s world, but still, it is good to remove the most robust marks of graphite. It is because the PVC foam is more effective than other similar erasers to remove the marks from a sheet. As it is made of polyvinyl chloride, it has some environmental and health concerns, and that’s why it’s not too popular in the artist world. 


Well, we still say that erasers are similarly important than other drawing tools. But spending more than $5 bucks to purchase an eraser is not a good idea. Although many of the best erasers are cheaper for purchasing but it is still good to take one that is of the best quality and cost lower than other similar erasers.

Erasing capability:

The next thing that needs to be considered in an eraser is its erasability. For this, you have to set your requirement in your mind that you have to remove color pencils or graphite’s.  For removing graphite’s, you can pick any of the above-discussed types of erasers. And if you have to remove color pencils, then you can go with kneaded erasers which are one of the best erasers for drawing. 

Long life:

The erasers are inexpensive tools to purchase, but still, if you have to buy after every week, then it is not so good. Apart from this, if the erasers are peeling out quickly or after each job, then the peeled part will leave stains on the paper, and your drawing will spoil anyway. Therefore it is good to choose the one who didn’t peel off easily or run for a short period.

Shape and size:

It can also be an essential factor. It is because if the eraser is easy to handle, then the artist will never feel comfortable while removing the graphite or color pencil marks. It is good to try handling once before picking the best one.


Overall, you can get your desired eraser if you have followed the above discussed essential factors while shopping for an eraser. Erasers play a significant role in drawing because they are used to remove your mistakes so that you can correct them. Only those erasers which have the above-discussed qualities can be considered as best erasers for drawing. 

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