Best sensory chew toys for your kids!

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It’s a common habit of every kid that they chew anything that they get in their hands. This habit can be seen in the children with special needs and especially who have autism chewing on something. 

Chewing can be helpful for the little children in some ways. The chewing habit can help your little kids with anxiety and calm down their special needs. A condition known as pica occurs this chewing habit in any individual. 

Apart from this, when your little kid starts getting new teeth or having cavities, it can occur. Now the best thing is that you can help your child to regain the balance of their special needs by providing them with chew toys for kids

You are here; it means you are probably searching for best chew toys. Do not worry anymore; we are here to assist you with top 10 chew toys for your 2-year-old kid.

Chew beads in bracelet shape:

The chew beads bracelets are specially designed for the baby who has the habit of chewing their mother’s jewellery, especially bangles. It also brings fashion by providing soft and non-toxic jewellery.

Moreover, these chew bracelets are one of the best toys for 2-year-old girls. It is readily available on the toys store in many colours that is an add-on for the girl kids. They are made of 100% silicone and easy to wash with dish soap or water. 

Kid chewelry:

Kid’s chewelry is an excellent option for children who love chewing their clothes all the time. It is a non-toxic chew plastic piece of chew toys for kids.  The looks are fashionable and can take the place of your kid’s jewellery. 

You can use its breakaway clasp to put it into your kid’s neck, and the best thing is that the clasp is easy to release and re-attach. You can purchase it from kid companions store that assures the chew toy is safe, washable and latex-free.

Chewable jewels by Dr. Bloom:

Dr. Helen Bloom Smith is a famous dentist and also a caring mother. It is because she is a mother she can understand the needs of a little child. While developing chewable jewels, she paid attention to fashionable designs and safe materials. The FDA approves the chewable bracelet and circle slide necklace.

The food-grade silicone, latex-free cording and extreme elasticity toys are the best parts of this fantastic chew toy for kids. 

Chew tubes:

Chew tubes provide a non-food chewable surface to your kids and help them to practice chewing. These chew tubes are safe and help to reduce redirect problems of chewing inappropriate things.

The chew tubes are available in different colours and diameters. According to some experts, the red chew tubes will be perfect for your two-year-old girl child because it is medium-sized. You can purchase it from national autism resources stores at a very affordable price.

Chew pencil:

The chew stix pencils are designed especially for your school-going children. The set of 2 chew pencils are safe and acceptable by school and society. It will never harm your child’s new teeth and help to lower anxiety level.

The chew pencils are best to improve your kid’s concentration skills by continually seeking sensory input. One can find it easily from the bellybum store. The pencils are one of the excellent chew toys for kids with special needs of chewing toys. 


As per its name reflects, the resilient chew toy is designed in Q shape. It is one of the best options to provide a chewing and biting surface to your kids. You can choose the size of the jaws at e-special needs store.

You kid will have fun while chewing or biting chewQ, and it is 100% safe for their teeth. It will help your kid to improve jaw stability and will also provide them with valuable sensory input.

Lolli chews:

The lollipop-shaped chew toys for kids are featured with easy-grasp circular handles to provide a perfect fit in their little fingers. The Lolli chew stix are smooth and have a slightly raised spiral pattern on its chewing surface. 

The knobby is featured with lots of sensory inputs that are safe and cross-checked popular toys institutes. You can purchase it from therapy shoppe store by spending just $7.99.

Cool chews cars:

It can be the best alternative for children with special needs or chewing autism. The chew toys are designed like a racecar that will provide your children lots of fun. You can purchase chew cars from sensory smart stores and give your child an alternative to stopping chewing clothes and other objects.

The chew race cars are latex-free and featured with multi-textured surfaces for various sensory experiences.

Sensory jewellery:

It is the perfect toy for the collar chewer’s children. The necklace shaped sensory jewellery is made with clean knit fabrics, braided and knotted. It can also be a lovely colour accent to any wardrobe. The sensory jewellery is efficient to provide a safe surface for various sensory experiences to your kids.

It is readily available on Etsy/therapeutic threads stores at just $8.

Prince of whales:

The boorish plush toy acknowledges the needs of kids with sensory processing disorders and autism. It is one of the best options for safe chew toys for children who have unique sensory needs for oral motor input.

It is advised to choose the softest one from soft clothing store because the rough one can be for your child’s mouth. These chew toys for kids are a bit expensive but will bring a lot of fun for your lovely children to chew toys. 


We should thank the various stores which help to quickly find this kind of soft chew toys to help children with special needs. The above-discussed toys are safe and approved by authorities.

We have also mentioned the particular store name from where you can own one of these chew toys for kids.  Go and crack the best deal!

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