Choose The Safe Chew Toys For Puppies While Teething

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Puppies discover anything through their mouths, so they can chew anything that they want. You can indulge their teething instincts and provide them new attractive toys to stop the destruction of your shoes. Puppies love to chew our shoes, furniture, blanket etc; if you don’t want you should give them appropriate toys that must be safe and healthy. To choose the perfect and safe chew toys for puppies your must follow this content. If you want to see the burst of energy and enjoyment on their eyes then give them soft and their favorite toys.

Through these toys, you can help your puppies to teach good behaviors and teething. Toys also help to develop their exercise and training during the playtime. At the one stage, it seems that your puppy has only one aim that is only chewing on everything. Teething is very painful, so puppy needs something to reduce this discomfort of gums.

Before buying safe chew toys for puppies you must read the manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure that what products are best for your little puppy including age and size. It’s not a big thing that how much money you spend on your little puppy’s chew toys it is important to watch them playing with this toy.

Some tips before choosing safe chew toys for puppies:

There are many good quality toys in the market for the puppies that claim a hundred percent non-toxic, but it is not true. Unfortunately, you would not able to see those chemicals of the toys. The chemicals and nastiest on the products can cause death. The tennis balls that are also kid’s favorite that is rich in poisons. So avoid the toys that are not safe for your pet.

Buying Tips:

Before buying chew toys for your puppies, you should avoid toxins and chemicals for the safety of your puppies. Examine the toys for potential breakability and choking hazards.

To encourage the teething process and giving relief to your puppy, you should give him/her firm and flexible toys.

Keep your puppy into a cold temperature that helps to reduce the swelling, pain, and inflammation of the gums. 

Select the soft toys that are reinforced, seams and double stitched.

Most of the time hard and rough plastic toys become hazardous for your puppy.

Colorful and brightly painted toys are full of toxins that may harm your pet so it’s better to avoid them.

The toys that are making with the help of fire and stain that are applied chemicals and toxic.

The balls that are making with single wholes may hurt your puppy’s legs and tongue.  

Limit the chewing time and after playing wash it with the safety soap.

Chose the toys that are making from natural materials.

Here are some best safe chew toys for puppies:

PetSutra Real Wood Chew Toy for Teething

PetSutra Real Wood Chew Toy is totally safe for your puppy because it made of softwood that is chemicals free and non- toxic. Your pets take enjoyment when it plays with this toy. This toy helps to teethe your pet and gives relief from the discomfort. These chemicals free toys are available in the market. So, if you want to give your puppy safe toys then it is the better choice.

PetSutra Multi-Style 5 Knot Rope Toys:

This toy is durable and safe for your puppy. PetSutra Multi-Style 5 Knot Rope Toys is made of durable cotton yarn that is free from plastic and chemicals. This toy is long-lasting for your puppies and the perfect toy for playing outdoor and indoor games to build your puppies exercise. It is made with pure cotton, attractive that never harms the pets, cleans and polishes the teeth of your pets. This is usually a funny and addictive toy.

Rubber and Cotton Bone Chew Toy:

Rubber and Cotton Bone Chew Toys are suitable for all puppies and dogs. This is the most popular toy because of its vibrant and pretty color that is attractive and makes with different requirements for your puppy. This is 100% high-quality cotton that is totally safe for your puppy you can wash it when you want. Rubber and Cotton Bone Chew Toy are great for cleaning their teeth and keep them healthy. This toy can teach proper chewing behaviors. This is good choice for small and medium breed puppy not for the violent and large dog.

Stripe Gray Elephant Squeaky Sound Chew Toys:

This toy is a hundred percent brandies, new and quality chew toys for puppies.  These chew toys are designed like the baby bottle nipples that specially made for play. It has positive features that it gives out sound when your puppy chews it and the sound is so interesting for the puppies. The shape of this toy is a grey elephant and made from non-toxic materials that are totally safe for your pet. This toy can easily engage your pet for hours and hours.

Foodie Puppies Rubber Stud Spike Ball:

These bright and colorful durable puppies’ toys are made from long-lasting natural rubber. This toy is totally safe for your puppy and the perfect choice for all breed puppies and dogs. Foodie Puppies Rubber Stud Spike Ball is flexible and durable that gives pleasure during the playtime. It long-lasted even the toughest chewers. The surface of this ball has a soft spike that helps to clean and massage the teeth and gums. The bouncy nature of this ball really amazed the pet.

PawCloud Vinyl Chicken Leg Squeaker Toy:

This toy is made with non- toxic durable natural rubber that is 100% safe for your puppy. But one thing remembers to maintain the hygiene you should wash these toys weekly. It helps to prevent the boredom of the puppy and engages them around it. PawCloud Vinyl Chicken Leg Squeaker Toy helps to boost the teeth and gums healthy and the teething problems of your puppy.

So, I hope the article helps you to understand and keep care of your pet. I’m sure you must buy safe chew toys for puppies to give them a safe and healthy life.

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