Choose the safest toddler to chew toys for your kids!

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Toys can bring a lot of fun for every child, but sometimes it can cause risks too. Choking is such a hazard for the kids because they tend to put the objects in their mouth whatever they got in their hand.

That can cause breathing issues. Apart from this, you will have to pay attention to some significant factors while choosing a toddler to chew toys for your little child. You also have to supervise them for safe playing purposes.

We all know very well that it is tough to raise children nowadays safely. No one wants that the toys will harm their children anyhow. So it is good to follow the below given safest tips to keep safe your children while playing with various toys.

What to look for while shopping for toys for your kids?

Follow the below-given guidelines while purchasing toys for your little kids.

Soft fabric:

The toys need to be made of soft, knitted fabrics. It is because the softest one will never harm your kid. For this, you can check the label as flame resistant or flame retardant. Apart from these soft fabric toys can be a good option for chewing objects.


It is widespread that the toys get dirty when your little kids are playing with them. The dirt can harm the health of your children. Therefore it becomes essential to choose a toy with washable stuff. That you can easily wash with dish soap and water.

Non-toxic paint:

The paint chemicals are harmful, especially for the children because they have a habit of putting any object in their mouth. Therefore the paint should be lead-free and non-toxic of the toys.  For this purpose, you can check the paint label of the toys. ASTM D-4236 name refers that the toys are tested from the American society of paint and material testing of toys.

Not so loud:

This one is also one of the significant factors. You have to make sure that the toy isn’t so loud for your child. Many of the rattles, squeak toys, and musical or electronic toys can be loud as car horns. The louder toys can lead to hearing loss conditions for your lovely kids.

Age label:

No matter if the object is toddler chew toys or any other, you have to make sure that it is appropriate according to your child’s age. For this, you can check the age guidelines of the U.S. consumer product safety commission. 

Consider habit:

This point can be considered the greatest one because if your child didn’t like the toy, then it will become useless. Therefore you have to consider the temperament, habits and behaviour of your kid while purchasing toys for them. Sometimes the kids are smarter than their age and other kids with similar age. Therefore it becomes necessary to keep in mind about their interests.


The chew toys for children should be larger enough that are tough to swallow for them. The perfect size could be 1-¼ inches wide and 2-¼ inches lengthy.  You can choose to choke chew tubes as the best option for perfect sized toys. It is because they are specially designed as the same diameter as a kid’s windpipe. 

Avoid large balls:

Once again, the size factor arrives. Just like the smaller one can be risky, the larger balls can also stick in the throat above the windpipe. Therefore it is good to check the age guidelines to pick the perfect sized toy to avoid risks and breathing issues.

Battery toys:

Kids love those toys which run with the help of batteries. But while purchasing battery toys, you have to make sure that the batteries are locked with screws so that your child can never open it. We all know that batteries consume a lot of risks and harmful chemicals. So you must keep your child safe from this kind of harmful chemicals.


While selecting a toddler chew toy for kids, make sure that it is made of strong material. The big enough and the indestructible toy can be a good option for chewing toys. Apart from this, avoid sharp ends or small parts.

Avoid local toys:

Many of the times, people purchase toys from local shops at carnivals or fairs. It is wrong. It is because the locals cannot meet the safety standards. You all know that safety is everything. It is because no one will want to spend a considerable amount at hospitals and put your lovely child in difficulty by giving them unsafe toys.

Best guidelines to supervise your child to play with toys!

Once you have got the safest toy for your lovely kids, now you have to supervise your kids to play safe. The best way for this purpose is to play with them and teach them how to hold the toy and how to play with it. 

Apart from this, the below-given factors are significant to pay attention.

Broken toys:

It can be very risky if your child is playing with any damaged or unusable toys. Therefore if your kid’s favourite toy is broken then throw it away and bring a new one for them.

Rust free:

The toys need to be rust free. It is because rust can harm the health of your beautiful kids. Therefore always clean the toys with dish soap and water. 

Store toys safely:

Please do not leave the toys outside because it can be affected with harmful chemicals and components of rain and polluted environment. When your kids are done playing, store the toys in a safe place or wardrobes.


If you have any more doubts about the safety tips for choosing the best toddler to chew toys for kids, you can check the CSPC website to get more detailed information. Apart from this always read the guidelines of the manufacturer for best uses and washing purpose. If you find anything wrong with the toys, then immediately throw it away and do not let your child play with them anymore.

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