Does the chalk marker leave traces? Don’t worry; the solution is here!

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It can happen with any artist or anyone when they have to struggle a lot to remove chalk markers from their chalkboards. Sometimes a paper towel is not sufficient to erase your previous drawing. It is because some chalk ink markers require special techniques to erase or leave traces. If you erase it with traditional methods, it doesn’t matter how hard you scrub the paper towel on the chalkboards.

If you are here, it means you also have encountered this issue with your chalkboards. You probably finding the answer to how to erase the chalk marker? Don’t worry, because this is an ultimate guide to solve your issue. Here you will find several ways to erase even the most robust chalk marker off of your chalkboard. 

Before getting into the solution, first, take a look at why this issue arises? It is because if you get the reason, then you will be able to sort it out and never get stuck in this situation again. There are two common causes of why the chalk ink marker sticks to your chalkboard. Read further to understand the causes briefly.

Low-quality chalk markers:

The most common reason behind this issue is that probably your chalk ink marker is not of high quality. The low-quality chalk marker manufacturers use the cheapest chemical ink, which is tough to remove from the chalkboards. Therefore always use the best quality markers. It will cost a bit high to purchase but will never spoil the shine and surface of your chalkboard.

Porous surface:

The porous surface is also a major reason for this issue. It is because when you are writing on it, the chalk marker ink gets stuck in the holes and divots of the porous surface, and it becomes harder to get out.

So now you have got the reason why this issue arises. Now time is to get the solution, and for this, have a look at the below given simple tricks.

How to erase chalk markers?

There are five different natural ways to erase even the toughest dark spots or traces of the chalk ink markers of your chalkboards. The five best ways are described below.

Use vinegar:

Vinegar is one of the popular cleaning solutions. It will also help you out from this situation as it can be considered as the best chalkboard erasers.  You probably have rubbed your chalkboard harder. Now try a gentle treatment to remove the traces of the chalk ink markers. 

Full technique:

  • You will need a paper towel, water, and vinegar to clean the chalk markers.
  • Make a mixture of 70% water and 30% vinegar. 
  • After making the mixture, dump the paper towel into the mixture. 
  • Now gently rub the chalkboard with the paper towel until the traces get invisible. 
  • After a few minutes, you will see that there are no traces of chalk markers on your chalkboard.

Mr. clean magic eraser:

Sometimes the traces are deeper, and vinegar is not enough to remove them. So why don’t you try another easy trick that is Mr. Clean magic eraser?

You have probably heard about magic erasers. The magic erasers are designed with micro scrubbers to clean the tough stains. Hence these magic erasers are safe to use, but if your skin is sensitive, then it may cause rashes. Therefore we do not suggest using it if you have sensitive skin and especially do not let your children use it.

If there is not any similar issue with your skin, then you can use Mr. Clean eraser as the best chalkboard erasers.  Do not use the full piece of magic erasers at one time. You can cut it in half because they are really expensive, and half portion is enough to clean your previous drawing. 

Vinegar + Magic eraser:

If Mr. Clean eraser trick also didn’t work, so don’t worry, we have another solution. For this read the below given easy trick.

  • Now you have to use the magic eraser as a paper towel. 
  • Dump the magic eraser into the vinegar. 
  • Now rub the magic eraser with a bit of force on the chalkboard. 
  • After rubbing it for a couple of minutes, see the results.

Chalkboard cleaners:

If the above discussed, three tricks didn’t work. Then don’t panic about your issue. That is how to remove chalk markers? These tricks are just like a home remedy. Hence these tricks mostly work, but sometimes if the surface is more porous or the ink marker is of worst quality. Then maybe these remedies didn’t work.

Now the chalkboard cleaners are your last hope. You can purchase it from any stationary shop. Hence these are a little expensive, but your chalkboard is more costly than the remover if you can use vinegar with the chalk cleaners to boost its power to remove dark stains of your chalkboard.

Prevent these issues for the future:

We agree that no one will want to try these tricks again and again, because it’s irritating. To prevent these issues for the future, you can take some precautions. Which are?

  • Check the surface; if it is porous, then always use traditional chalk instead of chalk ink markers.
  • For checking the surface conditions, it is good to make a small mark on the chalkboard and then try to remove it. If the mark is removed easily, then you can use chalk ink markers freely.
  • It is good to season the chalkboards before using chalk ink markers to draw, or write something. 


These are the some best and usable chemistry to remove the chalk marker stains of your chalkboard. The issue of chalk ink marker traces generally rises because of a porous surface. So it is good to check the surface first before using ink markers on it. Sometimes the tiny pores of the chalkboard are enough to stick the ink drops into them and cause the issue. If your chalkboard surface is porous, then you can use the specific ink markers for it.

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