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When we were in school, that time was not so advanced. Our parents brought simple pink erasers for us. Those pink erasers damaged paper and left dust where we used them. We were unable to do something else for this task. It is because we didn’t have any other option. 

But now, time has changed. The stationary shops have a wide range of erasers variety, which are better at functioning and look too. The specialized eraser of today’s world can remove pencil marks with just a gentle touch. Students don’t need to rub it forcefully on the paper.

These new special erasers vary in price. Some of them are costly, but still, the cheapest eraser can work better than those we used in our school time. The students also want to use convenient stationeries to use in their school.

Now, that’s a responsibility for the parents to avail those best erasers for school. If you are also a caring parent, then read below the instructions given to fulfil your child’s need for best erasers.

What facts need to be considered while selecting the best eraser?

Able to erase easily:

Hence all the erasers are used to do the same job. But it’s a fact that some are good and some of the bad quality. Now the thing is that which one is right and which is terrible. So the answer is that erasers which can remove graphite marks from paper with less pressure and force are considered as good erasers. On the other hand, if you have to use a lot of force to remove pencil marks, it means your eraser is of bad quality.


The best erasers for school are only those which your child can hold easily and use easily. Now let’s talk this briefly. The erasers are coming in different shapes like rectangular, cylinders, and many others. Now the thing is that the rectangular one consumes better coverage area and is tough to get broken because of its border shapes. The thicker rectangular erasers are good to erase large areas or whole sentences.  If you have a thinner rectangular eraser, then it is even better. It is because the thinner one will never disturb the next or previous words. You can erase only that word which you want to. For choosing the best shape, you can consider your usage area and also comfortable to hold.

Soft materials:

Now again going back to our school time. Those erasers of our time were made of hard materials. Those erasers left scuffs on the paper or sometimes caused holes on the paper. Nowadays, the eraser industry has improved its qualities. But still, the hard plastic material with pumice appears in stationery stores. These hard plastic erasers can damage your paper. Therefore it needs to look for an eraser that is made with soft materials.


Most erasers leave dust or some dirty marks on the paper where the student rubs it to remove pencil marks. The muddy spots are irritating, and maybe your child will get fewer marks than others.  Therefore it becomes necessary for the students to use those erasers which can remove pencil marks effectively and leave the surface fresh and clean. These high-end erasers can residue the sticks and dirty spots while rubbing them on student’s mistakes.

The above-discussed factors are significant to pay attention while choosing the best erasers for school, which will help your child to remove graphite easily. Let’s talk about some top choices in this term.

Sakura Foam:

The sakura foam erasers are very popular among students. The reason behind its popularity is that it doesn’t leave any sticks after using. Apart from this, your child does not have to rub it forcefully on the paper. Only a gentle touch can easily remove their mistakes. The sakura foam erasers are easy to clean when a bit of eraser comes off due to regular usage. The rectangular shape of this eraser is comfortable to hold, and both black and white colours look nice.

Pentel Ain eraser

The second-best option in this term is the softest one that is made with the polymer. It requires such low pressure and force to remove graphite. The pentel Ain eraser left smudges sometimes, but one can remove those dirt marks by merely rubbing the eraser onto the paper. It comes in a familiar block shape and features a sleeve that ensures the easy handling task. If your child hates smudges, then you can go with Dust-Gathering Pentel Hi-Polymer Ain Eraser. These dust-gathering pentel erasers will never leave any dirty spots after using but need a bit more force to remove pencil marks.

Kokuyo Restore:

The kokuyo resare erasers bring both fun and functionality together. These kokuyo erasers require a bit of pressure to remove graphite with no smearing. It is one of the best erasers for a school that can also remove the spot marks of the desks. Therefore the students can keep their office clean by using these kokuyo resare erasers. Apart from this, these erasers come in different colours so one can coordinate the colour of their eraser with other stationery components. 

Tombow mono erasers:

Tombow Mono is the most famous stationery brand in Japan. The one air touch holder erasers are the best example of its popularity. The Tombow mono eraser can remove pencil marks easily with little pressure and never leave smudges or any dirty spots. The shape of the eraser is cylindrical, so it is easy to hold and control it while using. The Tombow mono erasers are small in size and ideal to remove small mistakes.


Hope now you have got what your child wants or desires for better study. Our time has over; we cannot change our memories. But you can make your child’s study life more exciting and convenient but providing them with the best stationeries. Erasers are one of the significant components of geometry. The above-discussed factors and options will help you to get the best erasers for school. 

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