My Green Bin For Surrounding Clean

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My Green Bin For Surrounding Clean

A green bin is short container in which the wasted materials are gathered to keep our house or area clean. We often call this green bin or familiar with the name of dustbin. We can notice the green bins in the park, hotels, parties, etc. This green bin helps to maintain neat and clean lands. One can also use this green bin in their home. Lots of people throw the packet or food here and there after eating them or sometimes without eating the food they threw the things on the road or beside where they stay. This green bin has three types and color

1 Recycling bin (yellow in color)

2. Waste bin (red in color)

3. Organics bin (green in color)

How To Use Green Bin For Cleaning

Green bins are mainly used for the thing which is wasted thing. It uses or works on two composter concept. The composter varies on the density of the waste. After the container or the garbage green bin is fill with full of waste don’t try to add more waste in it. Because if you more waste in the green bin that will goes out of the dustbin. Always try not to add wet wasted things in the green bin, because if you put wet waste in the bins it will causes or helps the insects to lay eggs.  If you are a new green bin user then here are some short steps to use the green bin.

1. Firstly you have to bring a green bin or buy a green bin for your home. We can also recycle the thing which we throw in the dustbin. For that you need two green bins one will be used only for the wasted things and the other one will be used for recycling, also named as green recycling bin.

2. To use the green bin you have to spread half or 1 inch layer of wasted vegetable peels or fruit waste at the bottom of the container.  The wasted thing should be cut in small pieces or chopped. If we added big pieces of waster thing in the green bin then it will fill very fast.

3. Do not add any liquid things in the green bin or dustbin.

4. be very careful when you are throwing the leftover food in the plastic bag. Plastic bags should be removed and only the leftover food will be in the green bin.

5. You can also add dry leaves in the dustbin but only after spread microbes under the leaves.

6. Once you start using the green garbage bin or dustbin, two days after and after you have to clean the liquid waste in the lower of the bin.

7. When your green bin is full or about to full with waste, you should change the green bin or replaced it with another green garbage bin. You can keep a garden bin for your garden area to store the dirt of the garden.

8. You can use a garbage bin for your kitchen also. The kitchen bin is used for kitchen related waste things. Whenever a smell is out from the green bin you have to move the bin from your house to outside of your house. And spread room freshener to all rooms.

Features And Benefits Of Green Bin

There are many benefits of this garbage green bin .  Some of the features and benefits are,

1. Very low in cost and easy movable.

2. Very economical and hassle free. It converts all the wasted things like food, fruit, flower, tea powders, fish bones, egg shell etc.

3. No mechanical or electricity energy needed.

4. Reduced global warming and prevents from greenhouse gas.

5. This green bin is a soilless planting media and makes the people aware of their duties.

6. It can gathered liquid and dry waste both within it. The green bin converts all the kitchen and food waste inside it without any smell.

Need Of Green Bin Or The Importance

It is very importance to keep clean your home and society first. Where we live and where we stay have need to clean every day. This green bin comes in large and small sizes. We can also recycle the waste things or dirt. We can find free recycling bins beside the road. You don’t have buy the free recycling bins, you just have to drop all the wasted things in it and the municipalities member or any other member of the government will pick them and send them for recycling.

These recycling bins are available in two shapes one is small recycling bin and other one is large recycling bin. Recycling means again use of those things which we are considered as wasted things. The garbage green bin has three types, organicsbin which contains small branches, paper towel and tissue, food scraps, flowers and leaves. Waste bin that gathered soft plastics, ropes, nappies, old cloths and rags, hoses, polystyrene etc. and the last one is recycling bin which collected those thing that can be used again after recycling them. In the recycling bin you can drop tins, cans, paper and cardboard and cartons, jars and glass bottle etc. you can also keep a recycling bin for home in which one can keep the things inside it that can be used after the recycling process.


The green bins are most visible in the cities or in the foreign countries. The roads of the counties remain very neat and clean. The government of those counties is very conscious about maintaining cleanness. Thus they put a green bin or garbage green bin to every turning point of the road. This dustbin helps keep the society free from dirt. So, it is very essential to use the green bin for us and we should know how to use it and how to keep the green bin clean. And influenced others to use this garbage green bin and make them realize the importance of it.

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