Surprising facts about chew toys for children!

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If you have a baby crawling in your house, then it’s a big responsibility for you. Especially when they started getting new teeth. It is because, at this period, your baby will start every object whatever they got in their hand.

Therefore, the time is to be more careful, so do not let your loving child put any harm on their mouth. There are a lot of many factors related to teething conditions and chewing toys which are necessary to keep in mind for correctly raising your child. Let’s have a look at some surprising facts about chew toys for children. 

When do babies start getting teeth?

In most cases, babies start teething within 4 to 6 months of birth. It generally depends a lot on genetics that your baby starts teething in this period or not. The two bottom teeth are first, which appears in their mouth.

In this window, your baby might face some health issues like vomiting and other digestion related problems. You do not have to be afraid of this situation because it is natural. Now coming to the main point that is time has arrived to purchase teething toys for them.

Now the thing is which toys are best for this period. For this read further for the some most significant options.

What kind of teething toys can you give to your loving child?

The very first thing to consider is that chew toys for children need to be designed for providing a safe chewing surface and alleviating the pain of teething. The chew toys also help to balance the pressure of getting white teeth from your children. Now the thing is which one is right for your baby. You can pick any of the below listed great options for this purpose. 

Chewable rings:

Chewing or teething rings are the most popular one in this category. It is because the teething rings come with reliable and safe plastics and are filled with water. It will also help to soothe your baby’s tender gums because it has a subtle texture.

Pain relief chewing toys:

Some of the chew toys for children are designed to relieve pain while providing a lot of fun. The best examples of this category are squeeze and teeth Lion. The natural rubber material provides fantastic teething texture.

Chewable jewellery:

The chewable or teething jewellery comes in shape from necklace to bracelet. These toys are a game-changer because these all are made with soft silicone and non-toxic materials. The best thing is that your baby can wear these teething toys.

Different teething stages:

Now talk about one more interesting fact. You probably are not friendly with this fact that teething also has different stages. Especially for this, the stage tethers chew toys for children are designed for the specific stages of teething in your baby. These toys can reduce the tension of the moms to get ready when your baby starts getting into the next stage of teething. 


Now coming to fun toys. The novelty teether toys come in different shapes and sizes. The materials are similar to regular teething toys, but the shapes are different such as banana, piece of pizza, bacon and many more. Moreover, whatever your child loves to eat, you can get that shaped novelty toddler to chew toys for them. 

How to help your baby while teething?

As mentioned above, teething time brin犀利士 gs both fun and some health issues. Your baby might cry in pain, lose their sleep or start having rashes from drooling. In this period, you can help your baby to reduce pain by below-given ideas.


One can try teething gels which are one of the great options to manage some of your baby’s pain. These gels are sugar-free that you can rub on your kid’s gums for reducing pain and make them feel relaxed. It is highly recommended to consult with your paediatrician before using teething gels for your loving child.

Food for chewing:

You can give some solid foods to your baby who requires chewing, such as teething biscuits and rice crackers. It will also help to manage some pain, and these teething foods are healthiest one for your baby. But you will have to supervise them not to let them swallow any larger piece.

Fresh food:

You can try some fresh foods as an alternative to solid and hard food. Fresh foods are one of the natural ways to numb kids’ gums while teething. Applesauce is the best option for this category. Apart from this, you can give them any pureed fruits or fresh yoghurt.

Some other surprising facts:

  • Most of the time, your baby starts teething after 3 to 4 months of birth, but in rare cases, some babies can take 14 months to begin teething.
  • The time of start teething and which teeth will appear very first this depends on family history and genetics. 
  • Chewing and biting can help your baby to get teeth in the right and perfect shape.
  • Breast milk also has natural soothing properties to reduce teething pain. 
  • The cold washcloths are one of the great tools to alleviate teething pain. You can rub it on your baby’s gums to manage the pain.
  • Sometimes parents start brushing the new teeth of their baby. It is highly recommended to ask your paediatrician for the best toothpaste and using time.
  • Parents should have to check the various guidelines of size, material and other facts before buying chew toys for children. 


Many of the parents are not familiar with the above-discussed factors of teething. Some got afraid when they see their child crying in pain and vomiting continuously. Well, the time is not for getting afraid because the fun has begun. It is because now your baby will experience new things and start eating solid foods. You also have to be more careful while choosing the best fares and sensory chew toys. Raise your child with a lot of care and love!

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