The ultimate guide to purchase the best chalkboard erasers!

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Chalkboards are one of the basic needs of learning institutions. Nowadays, many of the restaurants, hospitals, and several organizations are using chalkboards for their job-related tasks. Apart from this, it is good to own a chalkboard for your home to let your children revise what they learned in school.

A chalkboard will bring fun for them while doing their homework. You are now coming to the main point. This article belongs to the best chalkboard erasers. If you have owned a chalkboard, then you must need an eraser to erase your previous writing or drawing.

Many people think that any tradition or simple chalkboard erasers are suitable for regular usage. But this mantra is wrong. It is because if your eraser is not capable of removing the stains of chalk ink markers, then your expensive chalkboard will lose its shine, and your drawing will not look nice on it.

So if you already owned a simple chalkboard eraser, then replace it with any of the below-listed ones.

Top best chalkboard erasers reviews!

School Smart premium felt:

The school smart premium 6 felt chalkboard eraser is capable enough to stand at the top of the list. It is because its heavy nylon thread is used to sew it double that ensures its long life.  Not only does the long life feature make it the best, it is packed with six slack and white strips to clean the toughest stain from the chalkboard.


  • Better cleaning principal with six woolen strips.
  • Lasts longer than other ordinary ones.
  • 6 X 2 inches size is easy to hold and use.
  • Easy to clean when it gets dirty due to regular usage. 

Melissa & Doug Felt:

One can purchase this eraser as the best option for light-weighted best chalkboard erasers. The dimension of the eraser is 5 x 1 that is easy to handle and use to remove the chalk markers of your chalkboard. The best thing is that it can absorb the chalk dust, and your room won’t get dirty. If we talk about the looks, then it has gained some best reviews from the students because of its unique look. 


  • Fast cleaning. 
  • Reduced size and lightweight. 
  • Easy maintenance. 
  • It can withstand the harsh atmosphere.

Kedudes non-toxic premium chalk duster:

If you purchase this premium chalk remover, then you will get a fantastic combination of 24 white and colored chalks and a duster. These 24 chalks are dustless and never produce irritating noise like other cheap chalks do. On the other hand, the duster can remove chalks from your chalkboard within a minute and doesn’t leave the chalk dust on the board or in the room.


  • Non-toxic 12 white and 12 colored chalks.
  • Safe packaging for shipping.
  • Smooth cleaning. 
  • It can quickly remove the chalks.

Versa chalk cleaner and spray:

It happens many times when you erase your previous writing or drawing from the chalkboard; there are still some hinders visible. It is because of cheap dusters. This condition will never arise if you have chosen Versa chalk cleaner and spray as your best chalkboard erasers.  The pair of stubborn liquid and microfiber cloth is all you need to contain your chalkboard, always new even after using hundreds of times. 


  • Non-toxic chemical.
  • It can easily remove tough stains from the chalkboard or whiteboard.
  • One can use the spray as a water-based cleaner.
  • Eco-friendly kit with natural components.

Sparco SPR1 All-felt dustless chalk eraser:

The high quality black colored chalk eraser will never produce destructive voices while cleaning the chalks of your chalkboard. The design is recognizable because of its felt and sewn style. The best thing is that it is affordable than other premium chalk erasers. All categories of the users love this duster because it can remove the written area quickly and doesn’t leave any traces of chalks.


  • Size designed for secure handling.
  • Unique and prescribed looks.
  • Relatively affordable.
  • Dustless.

Charles Leonard Chl74586 premium duster:

Another affordable chalk eraser that can also be considered the best chalk erasers because of its most exceptional felt quality. The black and white stripes are sewn double times to ensure back reinforcement and no detachment during regular use. The dimension of 16 X 1.5 is desirable for handling by all the students and teachers. The best thing is that the classroom will remain clean even after erasing a big written area.


  • Most exceptional double sewn felt quality.
  • Extra comfort while handling or using.
  • Long-lasting feature.
  • Cheaper than other premium chalk erasers.

Multipurpose eraser by Charles Leonard. :

The Charles Leonard multipurpose chalk eraser is one of the best answers to your question that is how to remove chalk markers. It is because it can also remove the chalk ink markers with vinegar or chalk liquid cleaners. It is a scrubber that one can also use for other cleaning tasks.  It is because it can do multiple jobs; it is named as a multipurpose eraser.


  • The 2 inches shape is easy to handle by both the adults and toddlers.
  • Quickly remove the chalk dust.
  • Cheap for buying.
  • Washable with soap and water.

Quartet duster for all chalkboard surfaces:

The premium chalk erasers have six strips, and all are fitted with wooden handles to ensure no detachment and long term usage.  The five by two inches eraser is one of the best erasers for school.  The best thing is that it is workable with all kinds of chalkboard surfaces. Most regular users of Quartet duster have confirmed that it is dustless and can absorb the chalk dust easily. 


  • Desired performance even on a porous surface.
  • Wooden handle ensures its long-lasting quality.
  • Budget-friendly for purchasing.
  • Absorption mechanism.


You can pick any of the above-detailed chalkboard erasers because these all have gained positive reviews from their users and are workable. Apart from this, you have to consider some significant points like size, material, erasing quality, and purchasing cost while selecting the best one. Only an eraser that has a high ranking in these factors can be one of the best chalkboard erasers. 

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